Multi-Language Interface

At the time of writing this topic, pyrevit bundles are being translated. You can provide a translation for your scripts. In the settings we can change the current language:

To provide a language replacement, you need to add the following to the script:

__title__ = {
    'en_us': 'Cancel Connections',
    'uk': 'Скасувати приєднання'

This is a python dictionary that rewrites the .pushbutton name, just add the language code and its corresponding title, which will be displayed in the extension. You can dowload any script from the store to check the code.

Here are all available languages and their index.(for example: uk for Ukrainian):

If you can't find your language and want to add it and help with the translation, write to Ehsan (creator of pyrevit) and ask him to add your language.


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