PyRevit folder structure

You have already installed pyrevit, it's time to create your first extension! If not, you can view the tutorial on my YouTube channel

Step 1:

Create a folder with a random name. For example 'MyExtensions' (i have a 'Blog Data' folder)

Step 2:

Create a folder and name your extension. In my case it is BimApi. Also add   '.extension' to the name. This title is not displaying anywhere.


Step 3:

Create a folder, and it is gonna to be your Tab. This name will appear on the Revit tabs. Example: ""


Step 4:

Inside the tab folder, create a folder named ".panel". This will be your scripts panel :

You can only create one panel, but if you have many scripts, it is better to group them in many panels. As in pyrevit, for example:


Step 5:

Now we need to create a button. Create a folder with '.pushbutton' in the name:


Step 6 :

Add your script! PyRevit requers '' to initialize your app. Icon.png file is your script icon in Revit. It has to be 96x96 pixels:


Step 7 Final:

Go to Pyrevit - Settings - Add Folder - (here you need to select a folder where you have 'yourextension.extension') - Save Setting and Reload.


Congratulations! It is Done!

Here is a short Summury with one image:


Next time, we will talk about all the possible ways to group buttons


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