PyRevit folder structure part 2

Let's look at the pyrevit tab and how all the scripts are sorted. For example, I'll take the  'Drawing Set' panel:

Here we have 3 drop-down menus (3D, Sheet, Edit), which contain other buttons, then again 3 drop-down menus, located vertically, and 2 butto… read more

PyRevit folder structure

You have already installed pyrevit, it's time to create your first extension! If not, you can view the tutorial on my YouTube channel

Step 1:

Create a folder with a random name. For example 'MyExtensions' (i have a 'Blog Data' folder)

Step 2:

Create a folder and name your extension. In my case it is BimApi. Also add   '.extension' to the name. This title is not displ… read more

Hello, world!

Well, I finally finished preparing the site. 'Ship' was named, bottle broken, so lets go to 'sail'! 

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